General Camp FAQs

No refunds within 14 days; refunds outside of 14 days receive a 50% credit through the following summer.

Refunds will not be issued for missed days within a session (illnesses, vacations, etc.) and days cannot be made up.

Participants who do not meet our requirements for skill level will be sent home without a refund. This is for safety reasons and safety is our number one priority.

Participants removed from camp due to disciplinary reasons will not receive a refund.

Kids need to be super strong riders on the pavement and able to ride up to 7 miles. They also need to be able to shift gears comfortably. This is all for safety reasons, since we ride mostly on the dirt. If in doubt whether they are ready to attend, we recommend you wait to enroll them, and ride them more on the pavement and dirt to get them ready.
We are super strict that kids need to be at least 7 to attend. This is for maturity level reasons, not skill level.
We are a cross-country mountain bike camp. We climb up hills and ride down. We do not ride the gondola. Kids will come away from our camps, a complete mountain biker.
Kids cannot miss the first day. We do many fundamentals the first day and each day builds upon itself.
We do not pro-rate for 2 days only. We recommend that the kids come for all 3 days, so they get the most out of the camp.
We get kids of all ages, 7-13, that come to our camps. We split into groups according to ability. Being in a group of kids their ability will be the best learning environment for them.
We split up according to ability, so if your child is of the same ability as his friend, it will most likely work. If they are not of the same ability, they will not be in the same group. This is for safety reasons.
We specialize in challenging kids that are good riders.  We split into groups according to ability. We take kids that are strong beginners, all the way up to the advanced level rider.
We get many kids that come to many camps throughout the summer. As they come to new camps, we will repeat skills and also do new skills. They just get better and better, with the more camps that they come to. It is so fun to see.
We have been operating for 26 years. We are the premier mountain bike camp in this region. Our staff has over 70 years of combined mountain bike teaching experience. We as instructors have a deep passion for mountain biking and love passing on our passion to the kids. We love to see all the progress the kids make over the course of the 3 days of camp.
If in doubt, we recommend you do not sign them up for the afternoon program. We are on our bikes a lot and kids do get quite tired

Questions About Bikes

Yes, all kids must have a mountain bike with gears, to attend camp.
A downhill-only bike will not work. They are too heavy. Since we are a cross country mountain bike camp, we climb up hills as well as go down.

Equipment FAQs

The kids do not need to have suspension on their bikes. They need to have a mountain bike with gears.
We are a cross-country mountain bike camp, so pads are not needed.
We are a cross country mountain bike camp, so a regular helmet, is what we recommend.

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